We are so pleased that you are interested in Trinity Lutheran Church! If you visit Trinity during a worship service, help us to make you feel welcome by introducing yourself to one of our pastors so they can personally welcome you to Trinity.

New Member Program

Trinity’s Curiosity classes are designed for people interested in joining Trinity. They are geared toward people who are interested in learning more about the Lutheran faith or simply reviewing their faith. Attendance at Curiosity classes, held in the fall and the spring, is open to everyone.

There is no obligation to join Trinity at the conclusion of the classes.  If you’re interested in learning more, please contact Angela Davis.

New Member Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I become an official member of Trinity Lutheran Church?

You can be received as a member by any one of the following:

  • Baptism (talk with one of our pastors or call us to make arrangements)
  • Transfer from other Lutheran congregations (request a letter of transfer from your former parish or ask Trinity’s staff to do so)
  • Affirmation of Faith (reactivate your membership within the Lutheran church, join from other denominations, or join with no prior church background)


2. What do I need to do to join?

If you’re interested in joining Trinity, please contact one of the pastors Pastor Bob or Angela Davis.

  • If transferring your membership, request a letter of transfer (or ask Trinity’s staff to do so).
  • Attend the Curiosity Classes (held in the fall and spring)

If you decide to join Trinity, you are invited to attend our new member events.