Click here to order altar flowers.

Altar flowers are a wonderful way to:

  • Honor family members or friends who are celebrating birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions.
  • Give recognition in memory of a loved one who has passed away.
  • Beautify our worship space

At the traditional worship services there can be two bouquets on a Sunday. At the Rejoice worship services there is usually one bouquet on a Sunday. The typical cost of the flowers is $45.

However, you may request to set the price at whatever you are comfortable with.

Eternal Light

You are invited to remember a loved one who has passed away by sponsoring the Eternal Light for a week.  The Eternal Light, which burns 24 hours per day throughout the year, hangs in the sanctuary near the sacristy and close to the altar.

A bulletin announcement in Trinity’s Weekly Connection will read:  The Eternal Light reminds us of God’s eternal presence among us.  The Eternal Light for today has been given by ____________ in memory of ___________ .

A suggested donation of $10 to the Eternal Light Sustaining Fund will cover our costs for the wax candle.  Others may also choose the same week to remember their loved ones.  Their names will also be listed for that week.

When signing up for flowers, in the comment section please share what type of flowers/colors you would or would not like in your bouquet.

Finally, identify what you would like to have written in the Weekly Connection. For example:

  • The Sanctuary flowers are given today by Pastor Bob and Rebecca Linstrom in loving memory of Marcene Linstrom and Philip Johnson, both of whom had September birthdays.
  • The Rejoice flowers are given by Angela Davis to the glory of God and in celebration of her birthday.

If you have any questions, please contact Jodi VanGorp or call her at 616.949.2510.