Building Renovation

Trinity Lutheran Church has been committed to serving God through ministry to and with its members and through outreach to the greater Grand Rapids community for the past 120 years. Our location, facilities and faces have changed over the past century, but our mission has remained the same; a commitment to Christ, to one another, and to the care of our community here in the metropolitan area and around the globe.

Our congregation today is an active community comprised of more than 600 households. Led by a diverse Congregation Council, a dedicated senior pastor and a new associate pastor, strong teams of lay leaders, dedicated staff and many volunteers, there is an ever increasing number of ways that people of all ages can participate in the spiritual, educational, fellowship and service ministries of our church.

Because of our strong heritage of service, outreach and benevolence, we look to chart a course forward that ensures we maintain the “strength to serve.” With God’s blessing, we look to overcome obstacles and provide for the long-term sustainability of our congregation and its mission.

Our Facility Needs

Fifty-six years ago, Trinity Lutheran moved to our current location on the east side of Grand Rapids. Much has changed in the past half-century, including substantial growth in our membership, staffing, and the ministries we extend in Christ’s name. We have made things work for many years by repurposing significant areas of our facility. However, we have come to a time for action. The facility has begun to hinder rather than enhance our ministries and the infrastructure of the facility needs significant maintenance, upgrade and/or replacement. Trinity’s facilities are “corridor-centric,” with significant square footage dedicated to hallways and confusion in wayfinding throughout our facility. The repurposing of space through the years has eliminated vital fellowship areas and taxed our multipurpose space. It is time we take a hard look at our building design to make it serve our needs, rather than fitting our needs into whatever space is available.



2700 Fulton St. E
Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Our Mission

Trinity Lutheran Church is a dynamic family called by God to nurture each other in our daily journeys of faith and to joyfully increase our response to all people in need, sharing God’s gifts of love and grace.