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Read below to learn about important Trinity Lutheran Church news, activities and upcoming special events for members and guests of our Grand Rapids congregation.

Refugee Crisis Supper Forums December 8th

Four Sunday evening Supper Forums will again take place at Trinity as we come together around the topic of “The Refugee Crisis.” Supper will be provided and Pastor Linstrom will facilitate the study. The Supper Forums will take place on Sunday evenings, November 10th, December 8th, January 12th and February 9th, beginning at 5 pm. Click here to sign up to attend one or all of these events.

Parent Helpers Needed for Sunday School

All classes need one parent helper each week. Parents are asked to volunteer a couple times each fall and spring. Click here to sign up today!

Help a Child Learn to Read

Consider becoming a tutor with a program that pairs adults with children in grades Kindergarten through Grade 2nd at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Leadership Academy. The tutoring program at this GRPS School has been under the direction of First United Methodist Church for 27 years! Training is provided to orient volunteers to school policies, reading strategies and the tutoring center supplies. For more information, contact Sylvia Stouten.

Have You Heard About Trinity's Fitness Program?

The Trinity Fitness programs are off to a great start! Classes in September and October were based on the health ministry survey results and, now that we have had two months of programming, we’re updating the classes to meet the needs of those attending.

Click HERE to view or download the November Fitness Schedule.

Mon – 10 am:  Functional Movement
Tue – 11 am: Gentle Somatic Yoga
Wed – 9 am: Tai Chi with Strength & Balance
Thu – 6:30 pm: Gentle Somatic Yoga  (NO CLASS ON THANKSGIVING)
Sat – 8:30 am: Tai Chi with Strength & Balance / 9:30 am: Gentle Somatic Yoga

FUNCTIONAL MOVEMENT – Focused activities to improve your mobility and agility.

GENTLE SOMATIC YOGA – Enjoy the pleasure of a limber and healthy body while reversing the physical effects of aging and the confines of stiffness due to stress and injury. Reset your body by consciously controlling your neuromuscular system with slow, mindful movements and exercises.

TAI CHI – Improve flexibility, balance and agility.  Enjoy increased energy and stamina.  Improve muscle strength and definition. Decrease anxiety and depression while increasing mental focus. (Combined class with Strength and Balance)

STRENGTH & BALANCE  – Explore a variety of traditional, safe and effective exercises for strength and balance using resistance bands and body mechanics. (combined with Tai Chi)

Suggestions donation is $3/class or $20/month. Contact Xristina Kuhlmann with any questions, concerns or suggestions at 616.719.6961.

Over 60’s Dinner at Grand Villa Restaurant on Nov 7th

The “Life Begins at 60” group will gather together on Thursday, November 7, at 6 p.m. at the Grand Villa Restaurant, The Grand Villa is a great American Bistro with a large variety. Prices aren’t expensive and it has an excellent salad bar. If you are 60 years or older, come and enjoy the evening with us. There’s plenty of room for everyone! To make your reservation, contact Mari and Mike Franz at 616-541-7145.



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Trinity Lutheran Church is a dynamic family called by God to nurture each other in our daily journeys of faith and to joyfully increase our response to all people in need, sharing God’s gifts of love and grace.