The dedicated group of elected members on the Congregational Council meet monthly to discuss various spiritual and business matters related to Trinity Lutheran Church. Standing committees of the Congregation Council coordinate the mission and ministry of Trinity and provide their leadership in developing new programming.

Each committee has a council committee person who acts as the liaison between the council and committee. Executive Committee members and Committee contacts are:

Congregation Council Executive Committee

President: Paul Crist, 616.813.6150,

Vice President: Carrie Wygmans, 616.481.2489,

Treasurer: John Basher, 616.974.9482,

Secretary: Carol Butler, 616.551.3903,

Senior Pastor: Rev. Robert Linstrom, 616.949.2510, ext. 115,

Associate Pastor: Rev. Dan Schewe, 616.949.2510, ext. 124,

Assisting Pastor: Rev. Karen Niemeyer, 616.949.2510, ext. 112,

Congregation Council Members

Children’s Ministry: Kathy Bush, 616.485.0031,

Congregational Life: Eric Gohlke, 616.883.6375,,

Endowment Fund: Mike Mason, 616.826.8501,

Fellowship: Karen Unruh, 616.988.9294,

Finance: John Basher

Health Ministries: Carol Butler

Hospitality: Carrie Wygmans

Human Resources: Chris Engle, 616.308.8859,

Outreach: John Fox, 616.949.2510,

Property: Jim Coates, 616.254.9447,

Property: Phil Wittry, 513.328.5160,

Spiritual Growth: Wendy Johnson, 616.940.3130,

Stewardship: Amelia Crist, 616.340.5914,

Worship and Music: Rick Radke, 616.682.1198,

Worship and Music: Kate Bredwell, 616.889.3329,

Youth and Family: Tess Lundgren, 616.889.9503,

Youth and Family: Caroline Kuntzman, Youth Representative, 616.949.2510,