The dedicated group of elected members on the Congregational Council meet monthly to discuss various spiritual and business matters related to Trinity Lutheran Church.


President: Brad Blair, 616.430.7529
Vice-President: Mike Mason, 616.826.8501
Treasurer: John Basher, 616.974.9482
Secretary: Carrie Wygmans, 616.481.2489

Pastoral Staff

Senior Pastor: Pastor Bob Linstrom, 616.949.2492, ext. 15
Associate Pastor: Pastor Dan Schewe, 616.949.2492, ext. 24
Assisting Pastor: Rev. Karen Niemeyer, 616.949.2492, ext. 12

Committee Assignments

Children’s Ministry: Kathy Bush, 616.485.0031
Congregational Life: Neil Sendler, 616.581.1853
Endowment Fund: Mike Mason, 616.826.8501
Fellowship: Brenda Heacock, 616.915.0717
Finance: John Basher, 616.974.9482
Health Ministry: Carol Butler, 616.551.3903
Human Resources: Dan Babin, 616.818.9122
Hospitality: Carrie Wygmans, 616.481.2489
Outreach: Wendy Johnson, 616.940.3130
Property: Jim Coates, 616.254.9447, Gene Gunderson 231.409.0106, Paul Crist, 616.813.6150
Stewardship: John Fox, 616.949.2510
Worship & Music: Rick Radke, 616.682.1198
Youth and Family: Emma Hall, 616.551.7511
Youth and Family: Tess Lundgren, 616.889.9503
Young Adult Council Member: Amelia Crist, 616.340.5914

Dates of Congregation Council Meetings

The Council meets at 6:30 pm on the second Monday of each month. Please refer to the Trinity calendar or call the church office at 616.949.2510 for the exact dates.