Donating to Trinity Lutheran Church is easy and always greatly appreciated by those we support!

Trinity Lutheran Church welcomes any size donations or gifts — large or small — including pledge commitments, checks, cash, memorials and estate gifts.

Electronic Giving

Electronic giving through, endorsed by Thrivent Financial Credit Union, is designed to help you conveniently make payments to Trinity Lutheran Church.

Through the electronic payment program, your payments are made through a pre-authorized withdrawal from your bank account. You determine the frequency of your automatic payment — weekly, semi-monthly or monthly.— and your payment is deposited into Trinity’s bank account on the same day it is withdrawn.

Trinity members have highlighted why they support donations through the program:

    • Convenience – Payment will still be made if you are out of town or on vacation.
    • Security – No checks are needed which means no lost or stolen checks.
  • Environmentally-Friendly – Save on checks, envelopes and postage.

To enroll in the program, complete this form or contact our Finance Assistant at 616.949.2510, ext. 111.

Memorial Gifts

Trinity accepts memorial gifts in memory of loved ones. These gifts can be directed to a specific area of ministry or to support Trinity’s ongoing ministry.

Will, Estate & Property Gifts

Special accounts have been established for those members wishing to remember Trinity as the beneficiary of their estate. Gifts can be in the form of insurance policies, IRAs, stocks, bonds and property.  They can be designated as either for a specific purpose or be dedicated as an endowment gift that will remain intact with only the interest being used.

For more information about donations, gifts and giving to Trinity, please contact us here or call the church office at 616.949.2510.