Trinity FAQ 

What do I need to do to join Trinity?
  • Indicate your interest by contacting the church office or complete a Let’s Connect card (available in the sanctuary pews or the courtyard info center).


  • Attend Two Curiosity Classes and New Member VIP Night


  • Attend Worship on the Scheduled New Members Sunday in May or November. We will welcome you in a special blessing and prayer.
How can I become an official member of Trinity?

You may be received as a full member by:

  • Baptism For those children or adults not yet baptized.


  • Transfer from another congregation Request a letter of transfer from your former church or ask Trinity’s staff for help.


  • Affirmation of Faith To reactivate your membership within the Lutheran church, to join Trinity from other denomination or to join with no prior active church affiliation.




2700 Fulton St. E
Grand Rapids, MI 49506


Our Mission

Trinity Lutheran Church is a dynamic family called by God to nurture each other in our daily journeys of faith and to joyfully increase our response to all people in need, sharing God’s gifts of love and grace.