God bless you and your future spouse as you embark on a new chapter of your life together! Hundreds of weddings have been held in our beautiful cathedral and we welcome the opportunity to host your extra special day.


A Christian wedding is the corporate or congregational worship of all those gathered to thank and praise, pray and implore God’s blessing with you upon your marriage. Those who come to share your joy have an important part to play as well: Your guests are not just spectators, but worshippers and participants in your marriage service. The Christian wedding is also a public act of the Church. The Church has the responsibility to see that the service is carried out in a reverent, dignified manner.


Furthermore, the Church has the responsibility to see that the wedding service is in harmony with the principles of Christian worship — that it is directed first of all to God, and that it is centered in Christ. What follows is an overview to assist you in planning your wedding.


For more information about holding your wedding at Trinity Lutheran Church, or if you have specific questions about any of the service listed below, please contact the church office at 616.949.2510.



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